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Copyediting to help you make a great first impression

Reward the hard work you put into your book, article, memoir, or academic thesis or dissertation with the confidence that comes with knowing it's both error-free and a pleasure to read.

  • Once your writing is out of your hands, it will speak for you. My proofreading and copy editing -- and, if you need it, content editing -- will help you make the best first impression on your readers.

  • Anxious about a deadline? Just alert me to it, and it will become my priority.

  • Are you writing in the physical or social sciences? Put the draft of your manuscript in the hands of someone who has edited many manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals in both cultures.

  • If your English is not native, let an empathetic editor remove the tell-tale signs that distract the reader from your message.

What does your writing project need? Let's find out together: (718) 565-9452


Acknowledgements of Editorial Assistance

William J. Ledger, Team of Destiny: Princeton Football’s Undefeated 1951 Season (New York, Ink, Inc., 2015). “. . . Anthony Flood . . . ransacked the online archives of The Daily Princetonian and other publications in order to check facts of which I often had only a hazy memory, not to mention the scores of the games I write about and their wider American historical context. Tony . . . has a command of written English that is, by today’s standards, uncommon, and by applying it to my drafts, helped me produce a far more readable manuscript, and for that I am grateful to him.”

William J. Ledger and Steven S. Witkin, Vulvovaginal Infections, London: Manson Publishing, first edition (2005) and second edition (2016). “Our secretaries Anthony Flood and Sandra Green labored away on first drafts and multiple revisions, and Tony’s Internet skills made us feel as though Manson Publishing House in London were across the street from our offices in New York.”

Anne T. Flood, B. C. Butler’s Developing Understanding of Church: An Intellectual Biography. Ph. D. dissertation, Catholic University of America, 1981. “We are indebted to . . . Anthony Flood for making possible the addition of Sister Anne’s dissertation: he was responsible for creating a machine-readable version from the original typewritten copy.”  

John J. Toohey, Notes on Epistemology. Auburn, AL: Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2007.  “Scanned from 1952 monograph (italics replacing underlining) by Anthony Flood, February 2007.”

Terry J. Tekippe, Bernard Lonergan’s Insight: A Comprehensive Commentary. Lanham, MD, University Press of America, 2003. “A special word of thanks is also due to Anthony Flood for his critical reading and careful proofreading of the manuscript.”

Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty, Second Edition. New York University Press, 1998.  “For editorial assistance, thanks to . . . [among others] Tony Flood . . . .”

The Correspondence of W. E. B. Du Bois: Volume II: Selections, 1934-1944, Herbert Aptheker, ed., Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 1976. “At various times I have had the help of several younger people, including . . . Anthony Flood . . . .”

Annotated Bibliography of the Published Writings of W. E. B. Du Bois, Herbert Aptheker, ed., Millwood, NY: Kraus-Thomson, 1973. “In the years of preparation of this effort, several young men and women served as research assistants for varying periods. Appreciation is expressed for their help to: . . . Anthony Flood . . . . .”


Select Publications

On Herbert Aptheker and Communism

Is Herbert Aptheker a Historian? Frontpage Magazine, December 13, 2016.

Willful Blindness [Essay-review of Gary Murrell, “The Most Dangerous Communist in the United States”: A Biography of Herbert Aptheker], American Communist History, 2016, 15:1.

C. L. R. James: Herbert Aptheker’s Invisible Man, The C. L. R. James Journal, Fall 2013.

Letter on Herbert Aptheker, The Journal of American History, 87:4, March 2001, 1598-99. [Text also available here.]

On Murray Rothbard and Libertarianism

Is Anarchy a Cause of War? Some Questions for David Ray Griffin, Philosophical Notes, London: Libertarian Alliance, No. 81, 2009. 

Murray Newton Rothbard: Notes toward a Biography, July 1, 2008. Consulted by Gerard Casey for his Murray Rothbard, New York & London: Continuum International Publishing Group, 2010.

Murray Rothbard: An Introduction to His Thought, July 1, 2008.” Consulted by Gerard Casey for his Murray Rothbard.

Lord Acton: Libertarian Hero, LewRockwell.com, April 4, 2006. 

A Profound Philosophical Commonality: A Review of Thomas E. Woods, The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy. LewRockwell.com, April 23, 2005.