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The Problem of Evil

The Occurrence of Excessive, Nondisciplinary Evil Makes It Unreasonable and Irresponsible to Affirm the Existence of the God of Classical Theism.


§        Earthquakes and Theodicy: Six Years Later [2011]

§        The Idiocy of Johnson's Theodicy: A Letter to The Spectator [2005]

§      He Would If He Could, But He Can't So He Doesn't: A Response to Benjamin D. Wiker Followed by Dr. Wiker's Reply [2004]

§      Not Even a Good Neighbor, Let Alone Worthy of Worship: A Letter to The Tablet [2002]

§      Why Does God Permit Evil? [2004]

§      Is Something Good Because God Commands It?  Or Does God Command It Because It Is Good? [2004]

§      Genocide: A Catholic Dilemma




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