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Love Your Enemies . . . As Enemies

Anthony Flood

Now is the time for all good people to withdraw whatever “consent to be governed” they may have ever given to their “elected representatives,”

  • Who, with very few noble exceptions, acknowledge no limits to their power;
  • Who regard that “consent” as a blank check to tax away our wealth and debase the currency in which is denominated what wealth they permit us to keep;
  • Who forcibly prevent us from using precious metals as money and mandate that we use instead notes issued by the banking cartel, which alone may counter-feit with impunity;
  • Who use the pelf euphemistically called “revenue” to extend their control over our peaceful enterprises and, gallingly, to do so in our name;
  • Who have ruined that good name to fund the welfare and warfare state by borrow-ing, their promise to repay secured solely by their future power to tax and counterfeit; and
  • Who scheme to conscript our children into imperial legions to prosecute the govern-ment program called “the war on terror,” putting them in kill-or-be-killed predica-ments that terrorize foreigners and seal the resolve of terrorists to repay us in kind. 

Those who not only will not with-draw that “consent,” but willingly grant it, who embrace rather than renounce the state and all its works, those for whom “national greatness” is the supreme value to which all others must be sacrificed, are not to be numbered among the “good people.” 

Rather, some of them are the predatory state's morally complicit net beneficiaries, who are in desperate need of moral conversion; the rest, tragically, consist of some of the state's ignorant net victims, who are in equally dire need of intellectual conversion. 

Until the necessary conversions occur, how-ever, good people must regard them as ene-mies

Yes, we must love our enemies, but that presupposes acknowledging that we have enemies, knowing who they are, and not pretending that they are friends.

Anthony Flood

March 26, 2009

(revised November 14, 2009)