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Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X


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American Nazi Party Commander George Lincoln Rockwell (center) at a Nation of Islam (NOI) rally, Uline Arena, Washington, DC, June 25, 1961. 


Malcolm X, NOI rally, 1960


George Lincoln Rockwell, “The Jew: Moment of Lies in the South,” The Rockwell Report, January 3, 1962 Misspellings are as in the original.

The full measure of the South’s mishandling of the Jew agitated Negro can be gaged [sic] from its reaction to the ONLY NEGRO LEADER in the whole situation—Elijah Muhammed.

Muhammed understands the vicious fraud of the Jewish exploitation of the Negro people and, fighting his way from the gutters as we did, he had [sic] demonstrated truly incredible leadership abilities.  He has gathered millions of the dirty, immoral, drunken, filthy-mouthed, lazy and repulsive people sneeringly called “niggers” and inspired them to the point where they are clean, sober, honest, hard working, dignified, dedicated and admirable human beings in spite of their color even though they are not our biological equals.

. . . the Muslims are the KEY to solving the Negro problem, both in the North and the South.  And this guy Malcolm X is no mealy-mouth pansy like so many of the disgusting “integrationist” leaders, both black and white.  He is a MAN, whom it is impossible not to admire, even when he is blasting the White Race for its mishandling of the Black Man.


George Lincoln Rockwell, “Black Muslims Hear U.S. Nazi,” The Rockwell Report, April 1, 1962. Misspellings are as in the original.

On February 25, 1962, I stood up in full Nazi uniform before 12,500 Black Muslims and gave an all-out speech calling for the geographical separation of the races, with America’s “foreign aid” going to our own Negro people rather than to Red and “neutralist” nations which hate us, shoot up and imprison our citizens and spit in our faces.

Again and again my speech was interrupted by applause and cheers from these thousands of Black men and women who, we are told in our Jew-ized press, are “hate” people, bent on murder and massacre.  At the end, I gave a Nazi salute and shouted “Heil Hitler!”—and got first applause, and then some Boo’s.

Then a rich, well-fed Negro with a Phi Bete key dangling from his gold watch got up and said he was from the NAACP.  He raved and ranted at Elijah Muhammad for allowing me to speak.  He got so worked up he began to scream unintelligibly, so that nobody could even understand a word he said!  His face was PURPLE with HATE, all the while he was blasting the Muslims and the Nazis for being “hate people.”

Following him, a man who said he was an Arab, but whom I suspect was a Jew, got up and told the WORST lies I have ever heard.  He told that audience of Black Men that Africa had been full of goose-stepping Nazis before the War, and that these awful Nazis marched all over Africa torturing and murdering innocent Negroes!  Some of the audience believed him and applauded these horrible lies.

I wondered what Elijah Muhammad would say about all this.  Every other leader in America had RUN A WAY from me when I stood up and told the simple TRUTH.  Now they were calling this Black Leader a “Nazi” for letting me tell the SAME TRUTH HE IS PREACHING.  What would he do? 

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stood up, and hush fell over the vast sea of people. Then this black leader showed why he is destined to lead the Black people out of bondage and into their OWN DIGNITY AND FREEDOM.

“The German Nazis are not Hypocrites!,” he said, (he meant American Nazis) “-they tell you the truth!  The White Man does not want to mix!  And the Black Man want to be HIMSELF, not somebody else.  HE does not want to MIX!  Only the boot-licking so called ‘Negro’ comes to another race begging to ‘mix’!  I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO ANY WHITE MAN WHO WANTS TO STAY WHITE!”

“Why should you not applaud this White Man for telling you the same truths I tell you?” asked this courageous Black Leader—and he was swamped with ten thousand cheers.

Here was the most smashing, dramatic possible refutation of the Jew lie that the Muslims and Nazis are “hate” groups; here was the leader who was supposed to want to kill all white men actually praising and “taking his hat off” to not only a white man but an ALL-OUT white man fighting for the survival and dignity of the White Race.

In case this seems too much to believe, here are some clippings from the Muslim’s newspaper Muhammad Speaks [photographic reproduction of portion of article from April 1962 (Vol. 1, No. 6) issue of Muhammad Speaks follows this article]. (Please note that the Mr. Mackwell he refers to is the big NAACP leader in Chicago and the “German Nazis” he mentions is actually us—the American Nazi Party.)

Posted August 1, 2007


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