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Donald Phillip Verene


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Donald Phillip Verene 


Charles Howard Candler Professor of Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy, Emory University
Director, Institute for Vico Studies


Ph.D., Washington University, 1964; L.H.D., Knox College, 1990

Research interests: German Idealism, Italian Humanism, metaphysics, philosophy of culture, and philosophy of literature, with emphasis on the thought of Hegel, Cassirer, and Vico.


  • Vico’s Science of Imagination (Cornell, 1992)

  • Hegel’s Recollection: A Study of Images in the Phenomenology of Spirit (SUNY, 1985)

  • The New Art of Autobiography: An Essay on the “Life of Giambattista Vico Written by Himself” (Oxford, 1991)

  • Philosophy and the Return to Self-Knowledge (Yale, 1997)

  • The Art of Humane Education (Cornell, 2002)

  • Knowledge of Things Human and Divine: Vico’s New Science and Finnegans Wake (Yale, 2003)

  • Hegel’s Absolute: An Introduction to Reading the Phenomenology of Spirit (SUNY, 2007)

  • The History of Philosophy: Including a List of 100 Great Philosophical Works from the Pre-Socratics to the Mid-Twentieth Century (Northwestern, 2008)


  • Symbol, Myth, and Culture: Essays and Lectures of Ernst Cassirer 1935–1945 (Yale, 1981).


  • The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, vol. 4: The Metaphysics of Symbolic Forms (Yale, 1996)

  • Giambattista Vico: Keys to the New Science; Translations, and Commentaries, and Essays (Cornell, 2009).